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peter Chandler is now a member of Unsigned Blast
Apr 17
Patman Chicago is now a member of Unsigned Blast
Apr 3
Denoworld left a comment for Denoworld
"DENO WORLD. New world premier. No thotties v=nqCc_9PFFz4&sns=tw"
Apr 1
Denoworld left a comment for Denoworld
"Group Members: Dark Face Squatta(CEO) ARTIST Writer Banga(President) ARTIST Writer Simeon Patterson(Singer) HB (music artist) Mute (music artist) Remo Dolla (music artist) Buzz Location: Carbondale, IL(Premiere, Curbside) Saint Louis mo Fubar) Cape Girardeau, MO(Dockside) Sikeston, MO(Club Eagle/DJ CBS) Cairo, IL(club cavalier) Chicago, IL(Club Addrianas) East Saint Louis, IL(The Lavender Room) Short bio: Denoworld Music Group is a group influenced by the death of our big brother, Donathan Deno Brown. We are very talented family that's willing to do whatever it takes to see our parents and other family live better!!"
Apr 1
Von Tha G is now a member of Unsigned Blast
Mar 30
Coy staks posted a blog post
Coy Staks
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Mar 27
Charles Unsignedblast Brickhouse via Facebook

Stupid Love [prod. by Tokyo Trendz]

My first EP is finally here!! Hope you all enjoy!

Facebook Nov 7, 2013 · Reply
Charles Unsignedblast Brickhouse via Facebook

Unsignedblast coming through showing love.


make sure you and your significant other tunes into the art of noise every Monday, Teusday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Night From 11:00pm-12:30am

Facebook Aug 10, 2013 · Reply